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Mixers and Blenders

Patterson blending and mixing equipment offers the highest quality designs for any application. Patterson blenders and mixers are available in a wide variety of standard sizes, configurations and materials, or can be custom-designed to meet any process requirement.

Conical ThoroBlender®

Resulting from extensive research, Patterson developed and patented the ThoroBlender® double-cone design, specifically engineered to achieve uniform distribution with maximum efficiency. Homogenous blends are achievable with batch additions as small as 1 or 2 percent. Patterson Process ThoroBlenders® are available in batch sizes from 3 quarts to 5,000 cubic feet. Custom sizes are available upon request. Conical ThoroBlenders® are available with internal disintegrating blades to break up agglomerates and rapidly disperse particles throughout blends.

Direct Drive ThoroBlender®

This design features a trunnion drive which eliminates the use of a gear/pinion or chain/sprocket drive train. This configuration results in low operating sound levels which typically meet or exceed OSHA requirements. This low maintenance design achieves short blending times with standard capacities ranging from one to 150 cubic feet. Available in both conical and V-blender configurations.

Portable Type “A” ThoroBlender®

Designed for easy movement from one place to another via standard fork lift, these units require no foundation and all resultant forces from starting, blending and stopping are contained within the support structure. Standard size working capacity is 18.75 gallons, but larger sizes available upon request.

Patterson Pug Mill and GPM Mixers

Features a continuous double shaft which allows processing of a variety of materials over a wide viscosity and capacity range. Effectively stabilizes waste solids from waste water treatment, paper mills, power plants and oil refineries. Also highly effective for soil remediation applications.

Change-Cone® Blender

Often used when a number of different products or colors must be blended. Very effective system when cross contamination cannot be tolerated. The Change-Cone® design offers a common drive station with any number of additional blender bodies.

Porta-Shell Blender

A laboratory blending system available up to a 10 quart capacity. Porta-Shell Blenders are available in double-cone or V-shell body designs constructed of acrylic or stainless steel.

Patterson Ribbon Mixers

Designed for fast and thorough blending utilizing a five-fold mixing action. These units roll, fold and reverse direction both vertically and laterally. Standard sizes range from 0.922 to 331 cubic feet. Larger units are available upon request.

Batch Kneadermaster®

Designed for mixing and dispersing a wide range of plastic materials and coatings. Provides a complete dispersion cycle in a minimum amount of time.

Continuous Kneadermaster®

Permits the continuous process of any material handled by the Batch Kneadermaster® provided that the mixing time cycle is not extreme. Particularly useful for:

  • Mixing and compounding plastic materials with fillers or reagents;
  • Masticating and dispersion of plastic materials;
  • Mixing, wetting and dispersing pigments of high paste consistency;
  • Combining chemical reaction with intense physical treatment in one operation;
  • Mixing and treating fibrous material without destruction of fiber structure;
  • Washing and stabilizing tenacious gums or synthetic products; and
  • Mixing and dispersing flaked or powdered metals or graphite with various vehicles or binders.

Agitators and Other Custom Mixing and Blending Solutions

In addition to the previously mentioned mixing and blending standard product lines, Patterson Process can supply custom designed mixing and blending solutions to suit any materials processing need.