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Designed for fast and efficient drying of a wide variety of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products and other materials, Patterson Process Conaform® Vacuum Dryers and Mil-Reactors are in a class by themselves.


Conaform® Vacuum Dryers

These dryers feature a unique double-cone rotating shape that assures direct contact between the material and the heated surface of the unit. This design results in efficient and uniform heat transfer, and permits high speed drying without risking over-processing, caking or scorching. Patterson Conaform® Vacuum Dryers are completely jacketed and capable of circulating hot water, oil, steam or other heating mediums. High vacuum can be easily maintained to ideally draw off moisture, while providing an exceptionally gentle action with no moving internal parts. This prevents the disintegration of crystals, or product abrasions caused by sharp edges or corners. Additionally, since these dryers are hermetically sealed, operations are always clean and dust free.

Laboratory or Pilot Plant Models

These units are available as completely packaged vacuum drying systems for easy movement from one place to another via standard fork lift. No foundation is required and all resultant forces from starting, drying and stopping are contained within the support structure.


The Conagrator

For drying materials which tend to cake or form lumps during the drying process, Patterson Conaform® Vacuum Dryers are available with a special dispersing mechanism – the Conagrator. This option allows users to achieve high drying rates even when handling crystalline materials.



Available in capacities from 16 to 3,000 gallons, Patterson Mil-Reactors are a unique piece of equipment that permit multiple functions to be accomplished simultaneously. Particle reduction can be accomplished with grinding media similar to a ball or pebble mill, and reaction and extraction capabilities are achieved with heating and vacuum operations. Patterson Mil-Reactors are designed to meet ASME standards for full vacuum up to 500 psig at temperatures up to 600° F using steam, hot oil or other heating medium.