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Ball Mills

Patterson is the industry leading supplier of wet and dry grinding mills for size reduction or dispersal. Patterson’s ball, pebble and rod mills are built to last. Patterson mills are available in a wide variety of standard sizes and configurations, or can be custom designed to meet any process requirement.

Grinding Mill Options include:

  1. pressure or atmospheric designs
  2. heating or cooling jacketing
  3. Steel, ceramic, rubber or stone linings
  4. Direct or gear drives
  5. Custom-designed feed or discharge systems
  6. Custom stands and mounting configurations
  7. Custom wet and dry discharge options available

Type “D” Ball and Pebble Mills

One of the most popular designs, the Type D mill is available as a steel ball mill with or without steel plate wear-liners, or as a lined ball or pebble mill utilizing Alumina, Buhrstone or rubber linings. Type D ball and pebble mills are available in a variety of standard sizes from 15 inch to 8 foot diameters. Larger sizes are available upon request.


Type”DJ” Ball and Pebble Mills

Similar to the Type D mills in shell construction and linings, Type DJ and DJX ball and pebble mills incorporate a water-jacket for cooling or heating of mill products for applications where thermal control is critical to the manufacturing process. Type D mills are available with insulation jacketing over the entire mill body surface area, depending upon process requirements.


Type”TD” Ball and Pebble Mills

These mills are recommended for lower production volume applications where simplicity, compactness and low maintenance are desired. The “TD” line features a direct trunnion drive, which eliminates the use of gears/pinions from the drive train assembly, which results in low operating sound levels. Sizes are limited to 3’6” x 4’ for steel ball mills, and 4’ x 5’ for lined mills. “TD” mills are available with or without water-jacketing.


Continuous Feed and Discharge Mills

Patterson offers a variety of Continuous Ball, Rod, and Pebble Mills for open or closed circuit grinding applications. Continuous Mills are available in lined and unlined configurations, with or without water-jacketing. These Continuous Mills have open trunnions for introduction and removal of the material being ground. Product size is controlled by feed and rotational rates. Patterson Continuous Mills can be custom designed to meet many customer process requirements.


Available in capacities from 16 to 3,000 gallons, Patterson Mil-Reactors are a unique piece of equipment that combine multiple functions in one piece of equipment. Particle reduction can be accomplished with grinding media similar to a ball or pebble mill, and reaction and extraction capabilities are achieved with heating and vacuum operation. Patterson Mil-Reactors are designed to meet ASME standards for full vacuum up to 500 psig at temperatures up to 600° F using steam, hot oil or other heating medium.

Dust Containment Options

All types of Patterson mills can be fitted with dustless discharge housings. Housings are of split design for ease of installation and maintenance. Discharge housings are available in carbon steel, stainless and other metals to meet customer requirements.

Standard Size Mill Capacities1

Dimensions of Standard Size Mills1