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Patterson Process Equipment is the world leader in industrial process equipment. With more than 140 years of experience, Patterson can offer a custom designed solution for virtually any processing application, in any industry. Patterson’s full line of products include:

  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Grinding Mill Equipment
  • Mixing and Blending Equipment
  • Drying Equipment
  • Industrial Process Heating and Cooling Systems


Patterson Process Equipment began as the Patterson Machine Company in 1878. Founded by brothers Dixon, Monroe and John Patterson, the Company specialized in equipment to service the thriving pottery industry in East Liverpool, Ohio.

General Manager Monroe Patterson

Over time, as industrial production in the United States ramped up significantly, Patterson Machine expanded into a multitude of enterprises including steel products and industrial processing equipment.

Patterson Test Laboratory

After World War II, the Patterson Foundry and Machine Company grew by leaps and bounds, adding separate machinery and process engineering divisions. As the Company’s quality, durability and revolutionary equipment designs became widely recognized, customers from all over the world sought out Patterson to create custom designs to meet their specific processing needs.


Industries Served

Today, Patterson remains the quality leader in process equipment across every industry, including:

  • Chemicals

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint
  • Grease and Lubricants
  • Ceramics, Metals and Ores
  • Building and Construction
  • Consumer Goods and Appliances
  • Bio-Tech, Medical and Dental
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care
  • Glues, Adhesives, Resins and Epoxies
  • Nutrients, Supplements and Vitamins